#Press Release
26 November 2019
Cape Town, South Africa

To rest in Madina in the closeness of the Beloved, peace be upon him

There is so many ways to fall in love with our Beloved Nabi Muhammad, peace be upon him, but there is no better way to fall in love with our Beloved, peace be upon him, than in the company of those who truly love and celebrate him.

Our Beloved Nabi Muhammad, peace be upon him says: “For every Prophet there is one invocation which is definitely fulfilled by Allah, and I wish, if Allah will, to keep my invocation as the intercession for my followers on the Day of Resurrection.”

Haji Abu Bakr Schloss was full of energy, smiles and a noted big heart. He was a father, a son and a brother. A businessman who dedicated his hours in serving Allah often giving the Athaan and serving on the Executive of Masjidul-Quds (Gatesville).

An executive member of Mawlid SA which annually hosts the Mass Mawlid where Abu Bakr more fondly known as Boebie would work closely with the city of Cape Town on the logistics of this auspicious event.

This 1441 would be different. Going on Umrah preceding the event, Abu Bakr suffered a heart attack at Fajr and needed a triple by-pass. The sceduled operation that coincided with Mass Mawlid 1441 that took place at Masjidul-Quds this past Sunday the 24th of November 2019 was successful, however Abu Bakr has passed on this afternoon, the 26th of November 2019,in Madina.

The team of Mawlid SA recalls his last words to us as, ‘This is how Allah plans it. The operation is confirmed for Sunday inshallah. Make special special dua on the day of Mawlid inshallah. Love 💗 you all.”

We know our brother, Abu Bakrs love for Allah and our Beloved Nabi Muhammad, peace be upon him. May Allah be well pleased with Abu Bakr Schloss, grant him Janatul Firdous and grant ease for his family.

Ya Rabb, allow us to gather in the shade on the day that there will be no shade. May we be reunited in the company of our Beloved, peace be upon him, and drink from his hands


Please join us after Magreb at Masjidul-Quds (Gatesville) tonight, Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 for a Yaseen Khatum and tomorrow, 27th of November 2019 after Zohr for Salatul Ghayb.

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