In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful


IMG-20141128-WA0024Events in history are considered great due to the nature of the event, the person/s involved in the event and the time of the event. The event being commemorated, in the month of Rabi’-ul-Awwal, (January) by Mawlid SA, is the celebration of the birth of the greatest benefactor to humanity. It is an appreciative memory of that moment when the Divine destined to change the world, and the course of history, by sending the best of humanity to guide them. It is indeed a historical event well worthy of our collective expression of joy.

MawlidSA hosted a Mass Mawlid in 2013/1434 that attracted 25000 people who described the event as “spiritually electrifying” and “a day that should be commemorated every year”. The event attracted the attention of the National Government and was attended by the acting President of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe. The Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille and the Mayor of Cape Town both attended and showed their appreciation for being invited to experience a day of great significance to the Muslim community of South Africa.

The success and experience of the first Mass Mawlid hosted by MawlidSA resulted in applause and appreciation by those who attended and those who were unable to attend requesting that the various media outlets broadcast footage to allow them to experience a day of such historic value. Reporting and media coverage of the day shared the emotions and joy of the attendees of a successful day never to have been experienced by this generation before. The day after saw no less that 7 printed media articles, 6 television channels coverage including SABC Morning Live and numerous radio stations broadcasting and printing a glimpse of a day of collective joy expressed by a community deeply appreciative of being of the followers of the Final messenger, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

The inspired and appreciative community applauded the organizers and according to a Voice of the Cape snap online poll, 85% of those who participated felt that the Mass Mawlid should become an annual event, with 12% not in support of Mawlid. With the appreciation and support from the community being expressed in blogs, facebook, twitter, media sites, radio/television interviews, newspapers and on public platforms, it has become part of the collective growth and development of this community. Beyond the confines of the Muslim community, the Mawlid is undoubtedly a means of drawing the attention of the broader community and will be a form of education about the message of the Final Messenger, the love that Muslims have for the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and the religion of Islam.

Therefore, Mawlid 1435/2014, the second annual mass mawlid; will, following the success of the first one be supported by the City of Cape Town who has decided to partner in hosting this event on its annual calendar. This event has now gone beyond the confines of the Muslim community as it is informative and celebratory for Muslims; impactful and valued by all.

Historically, Mawlidun Nabi celebrations revive and invigorate the sense of connection with the Prophet Peace be Upon Him. To enhance the global message, this year’s program will once again be honoured with international luminaries of the Muslim world such as Sh Faid Muhammad (Eritrea), Sh Muhammad Bin Yahya al Ninowy (Syria) and Habib Kadhim As Saqqaf (Yemen). The Mayor or Cape Town, Premier of Western Cape, Deputy Min of International Relations & Co-operation has also all accepted invitations.

The organizers expect an attendance of more than 10 000 people and call for all to participate in a harmonious celebration expressed through songs of joy, pearls of wisdom and moving odes in praise of the universal messenger, the final emissary of the Almighty.


Hafith Mahmood Khatib

Sr Nabeweya Malick

MawlidSA Team