As Salaamu Alaikum wa Ragmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Respected Brother’s & Sister’s

Mawlid South Africa embarks on its 5th annual Mawlid this Rabi al Awwal 1438/December 2016 in celebration of the greatest mercy and creation of Allah ta’ala, our beloved Nabi Muhamed (Peace and Blessings be upon Him). Mawlid 1438 “Love towards All and Malice towards None” is a community event that operates purely on love and the kindness of volunteers. If you were to ask who Mawlid SA is, it belongs to no one individual but rather to everyone. It is co ordinated by a group of brothers and sisters that contribute purely for the love of our beloved Nabi Muhamed (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) and in bringing our Ummah closer. It’s the one annual event that belongs to All and this primarily means reconnecting and reinvesting in our Ummah. We are kindly appealing to all to invest in this Mubarak event by:

  • Making the Niyyah to attend and support Mawlid 1438
  • Extending the invitation to all our Family
  • By making a donation to Mawlid SA

An event of this capacity requires funding to facilitate various needs such as venue, infra-structure, and logistical requirements. We have designed a business sponsorship package that enables reinvestment in the halaal sectors of our community and allows the private sector to contribute. All donations are welcome from institutes as well whereby the MAwlid Umbrella will host your logo on a special supporters page on the newly launch Mawlid SA website:

To contribute: Kindly make an EFT to:Banking details:
MawlidSA Trust
Account Number:  4082655568
Branch Code: 632005                      

Reference: MSA and your /business/institute name

Mail your logo & receipt to Call: 021 418 1131/071 350 3908

A Huge Mawlid SA Shokran!!