64993_330025197108589_1508120244_nDr. Shaykh Sayyed Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Husayni Al-Ninowy who hails from Syria, is the senior scholar-in-residence at Masjid Al-Madina in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. since 2001.

Besides graduating from the Faculty of Jurisprudence at Al- Azhar University, the Sheikh has been under the tutelage of many of the foremost scholars who reside in Syria, Madinah, Makkah, Tangiers, Fez, Rabat, Egypt, Sudan and Bilad al-Sham; and was authorized (received ijazah) from renowned scholars such as …. Al-Imam Al- Hafith As-Sayyed Abdullah bin As-Siddiq Ghumari, Shaykh Hasan Qaribullah as-Sudani, Shaykh Abdullah Al-Husayni, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Bata’ihi, Shaykh Jamil Ar-Rifa’i, Sayyed Al- Habib Al-Attas Hadramouti, Shaykh Abdullah At-Talidi, and Muhaddith Al-Haramayn ‘Alim-ul-Hijaz Sayyed Muhammad ‘Alawi Al-Maliki.

Though Shaykh Ninowy specializes in the fields of Tawhid and Hadith, he has authored numerous books on a variety of subjects. He focuses on reviving the call “Return to the Basics of Qur’an and Sunnah” and preaching tolerance, peace, mercy and understanding within and beyond the Muslim community; through education and positive inter-action. He has participated in numerous international conferences on Islam, world peace, and welfare of humanity. His endearing focus on illumination through education, love and compassion has had a tremendous impact on the promotion of God-consciousness and spirituality world-wide.