Press Release:

The Jaami’ Masjid in Durban was known for many years as the largest Masjid in the Southern Hemisphere and amongst its long serving Imaams was Moulana Abubakr Khatib Rahmatullahi Alaih.

Cape Town’s Hafiz Yusuf Boolie would often lead Taraweeh at the Masjid and Shaykh Salih Abadi served as the Deputy Imaam & Teacher of Hifz Ul Quran for many years with Moulana Khatib at the then Grey Street Masjid.

Mawlid SA is most pleased and extends a mubarak to all as the Imaamat of Jummah Masjid extends their support of Mass Mawlid 1437 Durban.This is a very symbolic support for Mawlid SA, Alhamdulillah.

Established in 1881 the Jummah Masjid as it is commonly known served the Muslim community as a spiritual hub for many years.

It was also the Masjid in which Hazrat Badsha Peer Rahmatullahi Alaih used to spend most of his time, among other respected spiritual peers such as the Imaam of the Masjid, Moulana Abubakr Khatib Rahmatullahi Alaih, as well the respected elder brother of Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddique Rahmatullahi Alaih, Moulana Basheer Siddique Rahmatullahi Alaih whom too served as an Imaam of the Masjid for many years.

The name change of Grey Street to Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street was celebrated by the community of the Jummah Masjid who played an active integral role in the dismantling of the apartheid regime.

Shaykh Ahmad Deedat during his Da’wah excursions would regularly bring non-muslim groups to visit the Jummah Masjid  & based his headquarters directly opposite the Masjid.
A Mawlid SA national delegation during its visit to Durban for Mass Mawlid 1437 this January 2016 will, insha Allah, be doing a tour of the Jummah Masjid.

Of its delegation members kindly recall growing up and spending most of their childhood in the precincts of this Masjid.

Mass Mawlid 1437 Durban is expected to be a huge celebration for the community and a wonderful platform in uniting communities near and far in love, sincerity and strength.

Issued By:
Hafez Mahmood Khatib