Press Release – 4 November 2019

Press Release4 November 2019Cape Town, South Africa

Mass Mawlid 1441 back in the community

This year Mass Mawlid falls in line with the 16 days of activism against the violence on woman and children.Love and Empathy are a forgotten Sunnah. At a time when communities are unsettled by pandemics of poverty such as escalating crime, substance abuse, violence and vigilante religious attacks we are needing to urgently meet and reground our communities on the reminder of the message, instruction and true purpose as Muslims.

Mass Mawlid is an annual gathering in celebrating Allah’s greatest mercy upon mankind but it is a meeting of the lovers of our Beloved, peace be upon him, who seek the lessons of authentic Sunnah. This is an invitation to come back home, return to basics and mostly to unify communities on love and empathy.

We all know what is sympathy but how many truly know what empathy is? Who is able to sincerely connect and understand what others are going through and to actively make a difference in bringing ease to your family, neighbour’s, colleagues or strangers?
This year’s Mawlid program includes a majestic opening by the Habibia Sadique Muslim Brigade that will start at 11.30am in the heart of Rylands Estate in re awakening the essence of hope, happiness, love and enjoyment. We certainly need to keep each other motivated on this journey to Allah which will include the rose initiative which is the distribution of Hadith attached to roses as a beautiful reminder of the lessons of our Beloved, peace be upon him, who was sent to perfect noble character.

The Brigade with over 100 members is a huge part of the Cape Muslim legacy and annually open the Mass Mawlid. Many are youth of challenged areas and it is initiatives such as these that are redirecting our young leaders to the best of leaders, the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him. Madarris and the community are welcome to join the parade.
The Mawlid that is a day for family’s to connect commences at Masjidul-Quds after zohr salaah.
Qira’at will be rendered by well known Voice of the Cape Presenter, Hafez Dr Muhammad Sheikh, an opening dua by Shaykh Ganief Moos, followed by spoken word by Brothers, Hafez Raees and Hafez Amaar Hoosen. The Islamia Primary Nasheed Group who have recently launched a CD titled, ‘Praises’ will be rendering a few nasheed. The theme, ‘Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, the Messenger of Love’ will be carried in a Naseeha by International Scholar (USA), Shaykh Dr Muhammad al Ninowy.

The Ad Dai’rat us Salihiyyah Ladies Dhikr Jamaah under the guidance of the respected Haji Naeema Mani has become an annual favourite as they beautifully render the traditional Cape Ruwayat and Ashrakal.
The Mawlid is well attended by the Cape Town community that comes out in a sea of white to celebrate this momentous occasion of the birth of Allah’s greatest mercy upon mankind.
The Mass dhikr is a highlight of the Mawlid and at the time of printing, Tareeqas (spiritual schools) confirmed includes: the Alawi Husayni Ninowi Zawiya, Naqshabandi, Sarwari Qadri, Ashrafi and Tijani.
It is the pure intention of the Mawlid SA Executive members and volunteers to ensure that this event is for the people and by the people. This initiative serves to empower our youth and families to return to our Masjids as that centre of Prophetic Instruction to build our Ummah with love.
Masjidul Quds is in the heart of Gatesville and very close to the main line of public transport, with ample parking facilities.
We strongly urge all to uphold that Mawlid is every day and celebrated daily across the globe, upon lips of remembrance and the Sunnah acts of those who believe. We invite all to join the Mawlid SA initiative to pledge towards reciting 1000 Salawat upon our Beloved, peace be upon him, a day (average 15 minutes).
In the running weeks the public is urged not only to join this auspicious event of love, gratitude, remembrance and empowerment, but to make contact and be part of this community initiative by volunteering and or, sponsoring towards its success.

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