24 October 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
Press Release

Mawlid S.A. announces taking Mawlid 1440 to the House of Allah

Over the past 6 years Mass Mawlid has been hosted at various big venues like the Green Point Stadium, Athlone Stadium and more recently an indoors venue at the Century City Convention Centre.

The event that includes a mass dhikr of different Taroukhat in the Cape, a majestic opening by the Habibia Sadique Brigade, Qiraah by well known Quraah and lessons in the Seerah of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, by leading scholars is well attended by the Cape Town community that comes out in a sea of white to celebrate this momentous occasion of the birth of Allah’s greatest mercy upon mankind.

Annually the event takes a theme reminding communities to adopt the leadership and example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in all faculties of life. This years theme is: ‘Sayidunna Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Messenger of love’. It’s chosen in line with the struggling times of communities to overcome differences and live with love, tolerance and harmony. The international Scholar, Sayeddi Shaykh Muhammad al Ninowi (Syria/USA) will be flying in for the event and will be doing a special lecture in relation to the set theme.

The program is set to follow a similar format but two matters have notably changed. Mawlid S.A. retracts its previous announcement to annually host Mass Mawlid on the 16th of December and will host the Mass Mawlid of 1440 on the 1st of December 2018. We have also over the period seen a shift from a morning event to a late afternoon event going into evening. The time for this year’s event will start at 3pm with a procession by the Habibia Sadique Brigade and a heart felt opening of Qiraah by Cape Towns finest Quraah. After Asr, the annual Mass Dhikr will commense. At publication the folllowing Turuqaat had confirmed: Tijani, Naqshabandi, Sarwari Qadiri, and Alawi Husayni Ninowi.

Following the lecture by the leading Muhadith, Shaykh Muhammad al Ninowi, the ‘Ad Dai’rat us Salihiyyah Dhikr Circle’ under the guidance of the honourable and respected Haji Naeema Manie, and Mawlid Jamah will complete the program with renditions inviting hearts into this beautiful love for our Beloved. The program will conclude at magreb and niyaaz will be shared.

It is the pure intention of the Mawlid SA Executive members and volunteers to ensure that this event is for the people and by the people. Previously, bigger venues needed to be sort to accommodate the innumerable lovers of our Beloved, peace be upon him. This year Mawlid S.A. announces the decision to take the Mawlid to our Masjids where communities may be reminded of our bleeding presence in the House of Allah. This initiative serves to empower our youth and families to return to our Masjids as that centre of Prophetic Instruction to build our Ummah with love.

The Mass Mawlid of 1440 will take place at Masjidul Quds in the heart of Gatesville and one of the hubs of Mawlid lover’s. The Masjid is very close to the main line of public transport and with ample parking facilities. As to whether this may move between Masjids in the Cape in the coming years has not yet been cleared, however Mawlid is every day and celebrated daily across the country and globally, upon lips of remembrance and the Sunnah acts of those who believe.

In the running weeks the public is urged not only to join this auspicious event of love, gratitude, remembrance and empowerment, but to make contact and be part of this community initiative by volunteering and or, sponsoring towards its success.

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Written by:
Tasleema Allie