Mawlid SA Press Release

Pure Love is looking at a full room of unconditional devotion embrace each other.

Listening to our various Religious & Community Leaders pledge a belief, a mercy, a legacy of Trust, Hope, Love, Tolerance, Community,Conviction, Servitude & Honour for our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (Peace & Blessings be Upon Him), it indeed highlighted once again that Mawlid SA is and will always be Every ‘Lover of our Beloved’.

The Media launch of Mass Mawlid 1437 took place at the Habibia Soofie Masjid. With Mawlid lights lining the streets an opening by the Habibia Saddique Muslim Brigade & Aswaatul Madina made the event a beautiful merge of a wonderful legacy of Mawlid that has been celebrated in the Cape by generations before and indeed generations to come.

Dignatories included Religious Leaders of Masajid, Mawlid Jamaah, Various Taroukh, Community Elders,the City of Cape Town, Munshideen, Schools, Key Community Leaders & Business all making up Mawlid SA in pure love of our Nabi Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

We are each an Ambassador to the beautiful message of Allahu ta’ala’s Messenger (Peace be Upon Him). We are all Mawlid SA & in all our capacity as a Leader, Media or Team member we are to mobilise our Families, Friends, Musalli,Students & All we encounter to this celebration of Great Love, Light & Mercy.

As we return to our office’s, let us be reminded that we are Ambassador’s of Mawlid SA & on the 16th of December 2015 at 5pm at the Athlone Stadium, in white we pledge to gather along with all we know in Laylatul Dhikr (A night of Dhikr) by various Taroukhat, & a special rendition by the international heart wrenching Qari Shaykh Naa’ina (Egypt).

Mass Mawlid is an open community event that annually has set to bring together thousands in celebration of the birth of the Light, our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). Partnered by the City of Cape Town, this years Mawlid will once again return to the Athlone Stadium. This year hopefully moving the masses from the stands to the pitch so that all the Zaakireen may enjoy and part take in the marathon of Qiraah and Dhikr set to run from 5pm to 9pm.

Mawlid SA is a non profit organisation whose funding resides on the generosity of sponsors and this year food sales at Mawlid.

At a time when society is riddled with violence, difficulty and in great need of Unity, Love, Hope and direction, Mawlid SA invites all to the court of Allah where we may celebrate the greatest Mercy and Blessing upon us, our Nabi Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, at Mass Mawlid 1437.

Buses are set to leave from various Masajid around Cape Town & volunteers are at constant work in preparation for this auspicious community event.

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A call out to all Masajid and community leaders to embrace your Ambassadorship and mobilise our communities towards the ‘Light’.

Mawlid SA looks forward to Mass Mawlid 1437 in your blessed company, insha Allah.

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