He is the eldest son of Hazrath Shah Imam Abdul-Kariem Kagee. He studied in Lucknow at Darul-Uloom Nadwatul-Ulama, where he received his Aalim degree. He was the top foreign graduate at the University in his time. He also studied at Madina University, where he majored in Arabic. He returned in 1965 and has been serving this institution ever since. He is the backbone to the administration of this khanqah. He was conferred khilafat by Hazrath Peer Hafiz Pasha Habibi in 1988, together with Imam Baboo. Moulana Qutbodien has seen to all the rrenovations and building work of the complex after his respected father, Hazrath Imam Abdul Karriem Kagee RA. He discharges his duties together with Imam Goolam Hoosain Parker, Sheikh Mas’ood Kagee, Moulana Goolam Hafiz Rooknodien and Moulana Luqmaan Kagee.