Mawlid SA Business Media Package as a supporter to Mawlid SA 1438 includes:

1. Business Logo added to Mawlid SA social media as a supporter on Mawlid SA:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Webpage

2.Fence space for a banner on the actual day of Mass Mawlid 1438, 17th December 2016

(Banner to be made by business)

Total Cost of Item 1 & 2: R5000 including Vat

3. Freedom on the 17th to distribute any marketing material u would like to on the day of Mass Mawlid 1438

This is an opportunity to create reinvestment in our community and escalate halaal options to our Ummah. We Annually invest far more in marketing. Kindly note this investment package is open to institutes, organizations and all forums in consultation with Mawlid SA.
Mawlid SA Executive   email: call: 074 7859147